"All suffering originates from craving, from attachment, from desire."

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Searching for meaning in empty words 
cathartic attempts just make things worse
the chorus skipped town with his favorite verbs
I’m left alone with one last verse
I will die with the stereo on
wondering why I ever wrote this fucking song
that never got me anywhere
just opened up old cuts 
as i spilled out my guts
in hopes someone might come clean the up
now i’m showing my age
by the lines on my face
and all I want is to be out of this place
but all my bridges are burned
all my lessons unlearned 
searching for meaning
in empty words 
I have no hope
I have nowhere to go

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I stand alone

You once told me you always hurt and push away the ones you love most in times when you can’t handle yourself. I never wanted to believe that you were capable of such self-destruction, up until now.

I waited for a glimpse of the one who made love exist for me again, but she has gone on a journey, without luggage.

I stand alone, left behind, being just a fragment of the man you used to praise as a missing piece you’ve always been looking for. I am no more.


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Nothing will come, I told myself
Nothing will change, the past told me
I tried to let loose of the question marks but they brewed with the days that reaped my nights, slowly losing all the fights.
How to abstain to what felt like purity and a sudden blessing once?
I don’t know. The only possible thing is to outgrow what can’t be replenished. I’m in harms way because of my own heart and mind. 
Nothing will come, the past told me


Jenni Hiltunen - Eyelids (2010)


Jenni Hiltunen - Eyelids (2010)

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Violence has a heart for destruction but also carries the name of peace when the battle has been fought. I surrender.